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i.MX6Q Linux Development Platform Introduction


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      As one of technical leader company, in past few years Yuanying Tech always focus on embedded system solution offering, from low end to high end. Our platform including MX25, MX28, MX51 and MX53. From Jul2012, Yuanying Tech. have started MX6Q Ubuntu system design work by customer demand. Subsequently, launched MX6Q Android embedded system platform --- YY- i.MX6QL  (Linux3.0.35, now this platform offering in public.

      i.MX 6Dual/6Quad application processors are Freescale Semiconductor's latest additions to a growing family of multimedia-focused products offering high performance processing optimized for lowest power consumption. feature Freescale's advanced implementation of the ARM Cortex™-A9 core, which can be interfaced with DDR3-1066, LV-DDR3-1066 and LPDDR2-1066(single and dual channel) DRAM memory devices. Major application for:

• Automotive navigation and entertainment

• High-end Mobile Internet Devices and high-end PDAs

• Industrial information terminal.

• High-end portable media players with HD video capability

• Portable navigation devices or gaming Consoles

• High end graphic collection and process

     YY-MX6QL is a Linux System Platform based on Linux3.0.35 kernel, Gnome UI desktop, consisting of core module and base board, ext3/ext4 file system, designed by Yuan-ying Technology. i.MX6QA owns plentiful peripheral interface, such as USB HOST/OTG, gigabit Ethernet port, MIPI, dual LVDS, Camera CSI input, CAN, SATA and powerful 2D/3D graphic processing unit,etc. The multi-display feature is the most suitable platform for education application.

      Core module can is offered separately in mass production, customer just focus on the application software design and base board re-layout, largely shorten the time to market cycle..


 production image:







Board External Connection:






|| i.mx25 WinCE EVK

|| i.mx25 Linux EVK  
|| i.mx28 WinCE EVK  
|| i.mx28 Linux EVK  
|| i.mx51 Android EVK  
|| i.mx51 WinCE EVK  
|| i.mx51 Linux EVK  
|| i.mx51 Ubuntu EVK  
|| i.mx53 Android EVK  
|| i.mx53 WinCE EVK  
|| i.mx53 Linux EVK  
|| i.mx53 Ubuntu EVK    
|| i.mx6x EVK  
||i.mx6q Android EVK  
||i.mx6q Linux EVK  
||i.mx6q Ubuntu EVK  
||i.mx6q WinCE EVK  


Hardware Brief:



Ø         MCIMX6Q5EYM

Ø        ARM Cortex-A9 corequad application processor, 800M1GHz

Ø        32KB Instruction and 32KB Data Cache, 1MByte L-2 Cache

Ø        One VPU and two IPUv3H

Ø        GPU VG,GPU2Dv2-2D and GPU3Dv4-3D/2D graphic units

Ø        Wayland/Weston 1.03 supporting


Ø         RAM1GB DDR3 256MB*4

Ø        Nor Flash1MB SPIFor Boot(space reserved)

Ø        One NAND Flash-4GB on board (SD card alternatively)

A-V Output

Ø        LCD7” TFT LCD via LVDS interface

Ø        HDMI portsupport 1080P output

Ø        LVDS:  dual LVDS interface support up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 fps (In default, LCD (1024x600)+7 R-TP equipped)

Ø        Audio In MIC

Ø        Audio Out Headphones






Peripheral Interface

Ø           USB ports HS USB OTGMX6Q integrate Phy),HS USB Host

Ø        SD dual SD card socketsystem reside in SD card or One NAND Flash (eMMC4.3/4.4 supported)

Ø        FEC10/100/1000M Ethernet interface with IEEEE 1588 QUICC engine

Ø        UART&CAN5 x UART ports Max.and dual CAN interface

Ø        SATA interfaceSATA-II,3.0Gbps

Ø        PCIe V2.0 interface Gen2.0 dual mode



Clock and Power Supply

Ø          RTC External clock, real time clock supported

Ø        Power Supply 5V, 2A output


WiFi communication

Ø         WiFi 802.11g/b/n(optional)

Ø   3G module supported (optional)

PCB Board Structure and Size

Ø          System bottom board   16.5cm x 10cm

Ø        Core module          8cm x 6cm


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